Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Cost Associated With The Double Glazed Window Repair

Compared to the option of cheaper PVC, that often seems to be unsuited and tacky to the property of the homeowners, the double glazed windows provide a traditional and elegant design that can easily match with the style of any exterior. But often the sash windows become beaten down and weathered by the rain and wind, and if you don’t plan the repair properly, then you might find that the double glazed window repairs of the original model would cost quite more than the cost of replacing the entire window.

Nowadays, there are a number of companies who offer complete services ranging from the simple glazing updates to casement or box repairs and full replacement of the sash windows. Here are the major services that can provide you a complete idea of the double glazed window repair cost.

The most popular service offered by these companies is the box sash window service that is mainly designed to overhaul the old windows entirely without making any compromise to the structural integrity of the window frame. This process mainly includes: the application of the new sash cords and draught strips, repairing the loose sash joints, adjusting the total weighting mechanism available on the window frame, replacing all the glass panels in both the bottom and the top sash frame and installing the new brass catch.

Another service is the double glazed window casement service. This service leaves the old panels and the frames intact, but updates the other components discreetly that surrounds the sash window. The procedure of casement service mainly includes:  repairing the loose joints, applying new draught strips, refitting all the casements and improving the total sash open mechanism by servicing all hinges.

But in some cases, the repair would cost as much as the cost of the replacement of the windows due to the factors like the common state of deterioration and age of the windows. But you can solve this issue within your budget by the usual cleanup of the cracked and chipped paint and by servicing all the hinges. To learn more about the double glazed window repair prices, you can pay a visit to


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