Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Procedure Of Repairing The Blown Double Glazed Windows

Often the misted sealed double glazed windows are said that they have been blown. Actually, this thing means that a small hole has developed somewhere in the perimeter of the windows and moisture has inserted between both the panes of the window. 

This can happen anytime of the year as humidity exists in every season of the weather. If you find that any of windows has gone misted, then this is the right time when you should opt for the repair blown double glaze window process. You can conduct the process by your own or can take the help of some expert. Let’s have some more details about this process:
  • First of all, remove the sash. The majority of the double panes include clips at the upper part of the sash that allow the panes to be leaned for the purpose of cleaning. Pry the stop trim for those which never tip in.
  • Use a chisel to pry the trim from both the jamb and from the frame. Then remove each piece carefully. The next step to fix blown double glazed windows is to lift the misted panes and pry them up slowly with the help of a thin putty knife. In case of stubborn panes, cut all the caulking along with the other part of the panes by using the utility knife.
  • Scrape the outcrop of the sash to remove the old tape or the caulk from the frame. Then apply a steady bead of 100% silicone caulk across the face of the ledge or apply some adhesive seal tape in a constant line across the ledge. In case you are using the adhesive tape, then remove all the paper backing from the upper area of the tape.
  • Set back the new pane by pressing it gently to the caulk or to the tape. Then reinstall the stop trim across all the edges of the pane. After that, snap the vinyl or the aluminum bead into the channel by pressing them firmly. Therefore, replace the sash in the reverse order or removing them.

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